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Unsurpassed printing quality

As the most reputable printing company in Cape Town, it should come as no surprise that we boast long-standing relationships with many industry professionals. We have earned their trust, by delivering exceptional printing quality, time and time again. But don’t take our word for it. Put us to the test with your next project, and we’ll be your first choice every time!

You can find us on the corner of Roeland and Upper Canterbury Street, central Cape Town.

Monthly Case Study
Panorama Of Cape Town By Eric Nathan

This incredible panoramic photo of Cape Town was created by travel and landscape photographer Eric Nathan. Click on the image for a larger preview. Shot from Lion's Head with a Nikon D3X, the panorama was stitched together from 10 individual ... Read More

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Orms is printing.

When it comes to printing, we've got you covered. From traditional photographic prints produced using chemistry in our darkroom, C-type and giclée prints, to personalised photogifts, exhibitions and business collateral, and even printing on wood and metal; we approach every printing job with care and curiosity to offer you the best possible product.


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