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10. Editing Options and shortcuts

10.1. Useful keyboard shortcuts


Ctrl C                           Copy
Ctrl V                          Paste
Ctrl X                           Cut
Ctrl A                          Select All
Shift + Select image   Hold in the shift key while selecting images. This will allow you to select more than 1 image to edit.
Ctrl +                           Zoom into project view
Ctrl –                            Zoom out of project view
Ctrl/Shift/ –    Minimum zoom
Ctrl/Shift/ +   Maximum zoom
Ctrl S                           Save
Ctrl Z                           Undo
Backspace                   Delete
Ctrl + Shift + T Insert text box
Ctrl + I             Insert page
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate page
Ctrl + Shift + I Add page
Ctrl + Shift + T Insert text box
Ctrl + F                        Takes you to first page
Ctrl + L                        Takes you to last page
Ctrl + B                        Takes you to previous page
Ctrl + N                       Takes you to next page
Ctrl + R                        Show rulers
 Ctrl + alt  Select image, hold down keys – Panning within an image block
MAC Specific  
Command  + , Preferences
Command  + Q Quit
Command + H Hide Designer
Command + alt + H Hide Others



10.2. I would like to swop 2 images around in my layout. How do I do this?

Select 1 of the images.

Hold down the left click till you see a green + icon and a smaller thumbnail of the image.

Now drag the image into the picture box of the image you would like to swop it with.


10.3. How do I crop my images or scale my images after I have added them to my layout?

Double click on the image you would like to edit. You can now drag the editing box to scale and show the area of the image you would like to be visible in the picture box. You can also straighten the horizon of your image if necessary.

*NB You can move the image around in the picture box without double clicking and opening it in the picture editor. Select the image. Now hold down the Alt key and hold down left click on the mouse and you will now be able to move the image around in the picture box by moving your mouse.


10.4.  I would like to design more than 28 pages in my Photobook. How do I add extra pages?

Click on Page in the top dropdown menu and then click on:

‘Insert’ – This will insert 2 blank pages before the spread you are currently working on. Ctrl+I


‘Add’ – This will add 2 pages to the back of your book. Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+I


*NB Pages will always be added in increments of 2.  1 sheet or leaf of paper = 2 pages


10.5.  What is the maximum amount of pages I can have in my Photobook?

All photobooks start with a standard 28 pages. The maximum number of pages you can have in your Photobook depends on the size of the Photobook you are creating:

  • A6 – 48 pages max
  • A5 – 62 pages max
  • A4 – 100 pages max
  • A3 – 100 pages max
  • 200x200mm – 84 pages max
  • 300x300mm  – 100 pages max

*NB Please note that a page is a printed side of a sheet of paper.  1 sheet or leaf of paper = 2 pages


10.6. How do I rearrange the pages in my project?

Click on ‘Page’ in the dropdown menu on top left of the software. Select ‘Rearrange Pages’

You will now be able to rearrange the order of the pages by selecting a spread and moving its position up or down with the arrows on the left of the window.

*NB You will only be able to rearrange spreads and individual, single pages.


10.7. How do I make sure that my images boxes are in a straight line?

Select the image you would like to align by holding down the ‘Shift’ key and selecting the images. The selected images should now have a blue line around them to indicate that they are selected. Right click> Align and choose the type of alignment you would like.


10.8. How can I make sure that my picture box is centered on my page?

Select the image. Right click>Align>Align Vertical Page Centre

Then Right click>Align>Align Horizontal Page Centre


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