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7. Frames and borders

7.1. What is the difference between a frame and a border?


Frames work like an image that is added to the edge of a picture box. This will mean that if the format of the image box changes, the frame may distort if the picture box is not scaled proportionally. Frames are located in the bottom of your design space and can be dragged and dropped onto page layouts.



You can make your own custom image borders by selecting the picture boxes you would like to add borders on. Then click on the ‘borders’ tab in the right hand side editing panel.

You can now select the colour, thickness and opacity of your border.



7.2. Can I load my own Frames?

  • Yes you can. You will need to make sure that your frame is designed as a transparent. PNG file (it needs to have a transparent background – otherwise your image will not be visible in the frame)
  • You will need to have the Frames Tab open in the bottom window of your design area.
  • Click on ‘Add’

Add your own border

  • Select the frame you would like to add
  • Drag the blue line into position – this line indicates where the image box will sit within the frame and click on ok.

add frame 2

  • Your new frame will now appear in your frame selection in the bottom window


7.3. Can I add the same border to all my images?

Unfortunately you can’t add the same border to every image with the click of a button. We are currently working on making this feature available. However you can click on Ctrl A and select all (this will select everything on the 2 pages you have open) and then you can apply the same border to all selected images on the 2 pages.


7.4. Frames available for download under ‘check for updates’:

Click on the images to enlarge




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