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– Important Software Upgrade Notes –

20 October 2016


It’s upgrade time…


How to save custom pagestyles prior to upgrade?


Due to the nature of the most recent software upgrade, we would recommend backing up custom pagestyles prior to performing the upgrade.

Windows users:

  • Navigate to Application Data > Roaming > Create and Print > ORMS > Product Setup;
  • Open the Product Collection you saved custom pagestyles for;
  • Open the User folder;
  • If you have any custom pagestyles saved for the specific product collection, you will find a PageStylesv3 file;
  • Copy the PageStylesv3 file to a backup folder in your Documents;
  • Proceed with the upgrade;
  • Once done return to Application Data > Roaming > Create and Print > ORMS > Product Setup folder, check whether the PageStylesv3 file exists;
  • If not, copy the backed up files to the original folders.

MAC users:

  • The Create and Print Product Setup folder should be located in your Applications folder;
  • Navigate to the Applications folder on your MAC > Create and Print application folder > Product Setup folder;
  • Follow the same steps as WINDOWS users to back-up custom pagestyles.






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