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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Tips before you start

2.1. Where should I copy my images to before I start my project?

We strongly suggest that you store your images on your computer’s hard drive instead of keeping them on your desktop or an external device such as a USB.

Eg. My Computer>My Documents>My Pictures

If you store your images on an external device, you will always need the external device to be connected to your computer in order to work on your projects in the software. Without this connection your images will be missing in your project.

*Tip: It is easier to make an image selection before starting your project and working from 1 folder of images.


2.2. Photo file name restrictions:


When changing photo file names limit  the characters  to:

  • A-Z
  • a-z
  • 0-9
  • underscore ( _ )
  • period ( . )
  • hyphen ( – )

Why?  Using only these characters will provide for maximum “portability” and fewer problems when exchanging files between various operating and storage systems.

Other forms of punctuation such as / \ : ! @ # $ % ^ < > , [ ] { } & * ( ) + = may have specific uses with various operating systems or programs and may create confusion or errors.

Please refrain from using any of these in your photo file names.


2.3. How many photos should I have in my project?

There is no rule as to how many photos you should use in a project.

Additional pages can be added to the standard 28 pages in a photobook so that you can include more photos.

Less is more! The less images used on a page, the bigger the images can be on the layout on your page. A combination of 1 large image on 1 page, paired with a selection of smaller images on the opposite page, works well.

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