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4. Working with text

4.1. What fonts are available in the software?

The fonts available in the software are dependent on the fonts you have loaded on your computer.


4.2. Can I import text from another location such as an e-mail or a word doc?

Yes you can – As long as the text is in a digital format and not a scan.

1. You will simply need to open the document that you would like to copy the text from and select the text you would like to copy.

2. Right click and ‘Copy’ – keyboard shortcut Ctrl C or [Apple C for MAC]

3. Then open your software and go to the page you would like to paste the text on.

4.  Add a text box to your page by clicking on

add text box 2

5. Double click inside the text box. You will now see a cursor and then you can right click ‘Paste’ – keyboards shortcut Ctrl V or [Apple V for MAC]

6. Please ensure that your text box is big enough for the text that you have pasted in it. If you get a red exclamation mark in the text box, you will need to drag the text box bigger by selecting it and clicking on it and dragging it bigger until the exclamation disappears.

text overflow box

  • You can now edit the text by selecting it and using all the text editing options.

text editing options

*NB Keyboard shortcut to select all text in box. Double click on text box so that the cursor appears and Ctrl A – Will select all text in text box.


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