Last night, the Good Hope Centre's basement hosted the annual 1000 Drawings exhibition, where, despite the name, over 8,000 drawings, photos and doodles were on show!

Visitors could grab drinks from the bar, or something to bite from the gourmet food trucks, and wander around the mass exhibition admiring works that ranged from abstract photos to professional illustrations to children's doodles and everything in between, all donated in the name of charity. Every artwork, no matter the pedigree, sold at a fixed price of R100, with all proceeds being used to upgrade the Thomas Wildschutt Primary School.

Of course, the team at Orms took part as well. We donated our own doodles, offered photographic printing at an exclusive low price, and Orms Print Room & Framing sold frames at the event - in fact, we sold out in two hours, with all proceeds also being donated to the renovation of the school! We'd like to give a big shout out to everyone that purchased artworks and frames - thanks for supporting the cause - and we'd like to thank the organisers, especially Shani Judes, for putting together such an awesome event!

For those that didn't make it to the event, here's a photographic tour of the night:

1000-drawings-02 1000-drawings-03 1000-drawings-04 1000-drawings-05 1000-drawings-06 1000-drawings-07 1000-drawings-08 1000-drawings-09 1000-drawings-10 1000-drawings-11 1000-drawings-12 1000-drawings-13 1000-drawings-14 1000-drawings-15 1000-drawings-16 1000-drawings-17 1000-drawings-18 1000-drawings-19 1000-drawings-20 1000-drawings-21 1000-drawings-22 1000-drawings-23 1000-drawings-24