Create your own unique table or shelf decorations with these photo jars!

What you need:

  • Glass Consol Jars, available at Pick & Pay and direct from Consol outlets.
  • Photos printed on matte photographic or art paper.



What to do:

  • Measure the height of the jar or bottle to ensure that you do not print your images too big.
  • Hand in your photos at Orms Print Room & Framing and ask to have them printed on matte photographic or art paper to the size you require. Our art paper prints start at R25 per A3 sheet, scanning starts at R30 and prints at the Orms Lab start at R1.85.



Tips and tricks:

  • Do not put your old photographs directly into glass jars or bottles. They are fragile and may get damaged.
  • Preserve your original prints by asking us to scan them for you so that you not only have a digital copy, but can print a new copy.
  • These jars or bottles make great table décor or can even be displayed by suspending them with string.
  • Use a Solar Consol Jar that will light up the images at night.