Create & Print Online Designer




Our Create & Print Online Designer uses HTML5 which means that you can easily access our software across a range of devices – including mobile, tablet and larger screen devices!

Heavily focused on User Experience, this HTML5 based tool boasts a range of features and seamless designer-to-cart user journeys allowing you to design and order beautiful photo products in as few clicks as possible!

Our Create & Print Online and Desktop Designers are purposefully built to complement each other, what’s more they serve different purposes.




  • Quick and easy product creation;
  • Create photo products on the move;
  • Works cross platform – across a range of devices, including iPad and Android. Create photo products on the go!
  • Clever upload tool – start working on pictures right away;
  • Focused on the User Experience;
  • Works particularly well for first time Designer users.




  • The clever upload tool means that the Online Designer takes a high quality preview of each picture before the upload begins. This means you can start using your photos immediately while the high resolution picture uploads in the background;
  • Reuse pictures from previously purchased projects, with no need to re-upload;
  • The online picture rendering engine makes working with pictures extremely fast for you – it works behind the scenes, pre-processing the picture at various resolutions so that the closest matched size is always available.



In addition to this, the Online Designer supports a wide range of picture formats including;*




  • JPEG – RGB / CMYK / Greyscale
  • TIFF – RGB / CMYK / Greyscale
  • PNG – RGB / Greyscale
  • Alpha Channel – RGB / TIFF / PNG

* The Clever upload tool does not support CMYK or Alpha Channels



We recommend the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v10 and above;
  • Chrome v28 and above;
  • Firefox v23 and above;
  • Safari v6 and above;
  • Safari iOS v6 and above;
  • Chrome on Android v4.1 and above.


Q - How do I check the browser & browser version on my iPad or Android device?


  • iPad
  1.  Open your Safari browser by clicking on the Safari icon in the dock;
  2.  Click on Safari in your browser menu, located at the top of your screen;
  3.  A drop-down menu will now appear. Choose the option labeled About Safari;
  4.  A dialog box will now appear containing the browser’s version number.


  • Android

1.  To see if a specific web browser on your device is being used as the default for any actions, then go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All – find it in the list (the built-in browser will be called either “Browser” or “Internet” in the list, depending on your version of Android);

2.  When you click the browser’s icon in the list the Application Info screen should appear, and if that browser is currently set to be the default, then you should see a section labelled “Launch by default” where it will say “You have selected to launch this application by default for some actions“. If the browser isn’t set as default that section will say “No defaults set“;

3.  The default Android browser is based on Web-kit, similar to Chrome.


Q - Can I use my existing Desktop Create & Print login credentials with the Online Designer?


You will be able to use the same login and password, yet you will need to ‘register’ these details again in the Online Designer prior to being allowed to use them.


Q - How do I open my existing online projects?
There are two ways to open your existing online projects:



  • Go to the account management page here;


Open your project via the Orms Print room website:


  • Find any product that can be ordered online;
  • Click on the ‘Open Existing Project’ button
  • Open existing project
  • The account management page will open in your browser;
  • Follow the steps below to open your project.


Open your project through account management:


  • Go to the account management page here;
  • Log in using your Online Create & Print credentials;
  • Click on ‘Open Online Project’         open-online-project
  • Select the project you want to continue with;



  • OR Duplicate a project for re-order;




  • OR rename a project for reference purposes;




  • And finally complete an order in your project list;




  • The project will load in the Online Designer;




  • The project will be checked for any errors;




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