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GroGlass ® – Conservation Glass

GroGlass ® – Conservation Glass

Here at Orms we strive to offer the highest quality products for our clients. It is with this in mind that we have now started stocking a range of Conservation grade glass from Latvian manufacturer GroGlass.

This glass has become the industry standard across Europe and we are really excited to offer it here in South Africa.

Groglass® has been supplying anti-reflective and other high-performance coatings on glass since 2009.

Their innovation and the most modern technology has enabled them to achieve the highest quality products in a very efficient manufacturing process.

They are always looking for ways to improve and adjust to the actual needs of their customers.

This has made them a trusted supplier to many successful companies across the world.

Artglass 99™


Artglass 99™ provides UV protection by blocking out 99% of harmful rays thus helping prevent the treasured keepsakes from fading as well as preventing the yellowing of photographs, or paper becoming brittle.

Choose conservation glass on your next framing project – which offers 99% UV protection.

Artglass 99™ is your great choice for picture framing!
UV damage is cumulative and irreversible to framed artwork. The sunlight rays will react with the surface of an artwork or photograph, and change its chemical composition as it breaks down the bonds in the paper, dyes and pigments. The result is brittle paper and faded colors.

  Reflection Transmission UV-protection Thickness – mm
Artglass 99™
~8% ~89% ~99% 2



Artglass 99™ is manufactured by applying an absorptive UV filter.

Artglass AR 99™


Artglass AR 99™ is the highest performance anti-reflective glass with 99% UV protection.

The “invisible” glass ensures neutral reflection color and helps prevent the treasured keepsake from fading.

Artglass™ ranks the highest in the market of anti-reflective glass and now its successor Artglass AR 99™ combines superb clarity with the best possible UV protection highly valued among industry professionals and museums. Preserve the true color, texture and beauty of framed artwork. Artglass AR 99™ is your perfect choice for picture framing!

  Reflection Transmission UV-protection Thickness – mm
Artglass AR 99™
~1% ~97% ~99% 2.5



Artglass AR 99™ is coated on both sides.  A very special anti-reflective coating is applied on both surfaces offering the supreme clarity only possible from Groglass®.

One of the sides is additionally coated with an absorptive UV filter,
which is applied by a specialty roller coater to leave no sign of distortion or interference. The result is a clear super transparent conservation grade glass.

Features & Benefits


Handling & Cleaning



  Artglass 99™R1082.00 per square meter

  Artglass AR 99™ (Anti-reflective) – R 6784.00 per square meter

Q&A with Monique Loeblich

From framing rugby jerseys to professional photographs and precious art, Monique's years of framing experience have made her the ultimate go-to person, whatever your framing needs. No job is too big or too small for Monique.
What is better – Artglass™ with absorptive or reflective UV coating?

Let’s review your choices:
1. Absorptive coating will block more than 99% of UV light, however it will also absorb some of the visible light and thus reduce its transmission by a small amount.

Glass with absorptive coating is also less scratch resistant and requires special handling, compared to glass with reflective UV coating.

Choose this type of glass when UV protection outweighs the need for absolute clarity.
2. Glass with reflective UV coating can block out 92% of UV rays with no adverse effect on the transmission of visible light.

Choose this type of glass when you are looking for a flawless clarity and optimal UV protection.

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