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Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper can instantly transform any interior space, whether it forms a subtle backdrop, a gentle accent or a striking focal point. And now, you’re not limited to other people’s wallpaper designs!

Custom Wallpaper Printing:
Express your individual taste by designing your very own  custom wallpaper.  Whether you use one of your own high-res photographs or a pattern you’ve created, the choice is totally up to you. Not sure where to start? Why not purchase an image that inspires you from Orms Photo Art or make an appointment to speak to one of our talented, in-house designers. We’d be delighted to create something special for you.

Best Wallpaper Printing Company in Cape Town:
As one of the most reliable and respected printing companies in South Africa, the launch of our wallpaper printing department has been hugely successful. By combining the most advanced large-format wallpaper printers,  together with highly experienced wallpaper printing specialists, we are able to deliver unrivaled product quality.

Turnaround time:

4 – 5 working days

Wallpaper Printing Prices:
Our wallpaper printing prices can be accessed via the tab below. You can contact Leanne if you require any additional info or advice.

Traditional Textured Suede

  • Available in rolls.
  • Max print size: 1.3 x 15 m.
  • Application method: Standard wallpaper glue.

Textured, PVC-free, Eco-friendly

  • Available in rolls.
  • Max print size: 1.3 x 50 m.
  • Application method: Standard wallpaper glue.

Smooth, Industrial-strength, Self-adhesive  

  • Available in rolls.
  • Max print size: 1.3 x 15 m.
  • Application method: Self-adhesive – no glue or mess.

Warm, Off-White, Woven canvas texture, Linen Wallpaper

  • Available in rolls.
  • Panel width:  1.35 m.
  • Application method: Standard wallpaper glue.

We can print wallpaper for just about any size of wall, however our maximum print size per panel is 1.3 x 15 m.

Wallpaper Price
Traditional Textured Suede R399 / m2
Textured, Eco-friendly R449 / m2
Smooth, Self-Adhesive R345 / m2
Woven canvas textureLinen R345 / m2


Installation Fee – please request a quote when placing your print order


Q&A with Leanne Barling
- Head of Decor Printing

What printer do you use?

The Epson Stylus Pro 30610

What inks do you use?

Epson UltraChrome eco-solvent inks – safe for home use and does not have an awful smell!

How is very large wallpaper printed?

I print these in panels of 1–1.3 m in width, at the length requested. The panels are set up to exact measurements by the printing programme we use, so I guarantee that your print is precise.

Should I ask for a test print?

I highly recommend running a test print first to make sure you’re happy with the quality, clarity and colour of your image, before we print your wallpaper.

How do I apply my wallpaper?

It depends on the type of wallpaper you choose:

  • The old-fashioned way – glue.
  • Self-adhesive wallpaper – no glue needed.
Can I get someone to apply my wallpaper for me?

Yes! If you don’t feel brave enough to attempt a wallpaper application on your own, let me know and I will arrange a professional installation company to contact you.

How long does the professional application process take?

Usually about an hour, depending on how much you need done, but you will need to book time with the professionals.

How do I care for my wallpaper print?

Avoid unnecessary handling when applying. If it does get dirty, all our wallpapers can be wiped down with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

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