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Hand Processing

Hand Processing

Processing film by hand is a highly specialised practise as every element – water temperature, exposure, duration etc. – can have an effect on the final image.

At Orms, we only hand process true black and white film. Regrettably, we don’t hand process C41 black & white film that runs through colour chemical process, colour negative or E6 slide film, but do offer a machine processing solution.

Turnaround time:

2 – 3 working days

We can hand process the following sizes:

  • 35 mm film
  • 120 medium format roll
  • 4×5
  • 8×10

We tray-develop larger film sizes on request.

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If you have pulled or pushed your film, please inquire about our rated processing prices.

Q&A with Hillary Dollman
- Darkroom Specialist

“H” processes all types of black-&-white film, hand prints both colour and true black-&-white film, makes contact sheets and is in charge of mixing chemistry for our RA4 paper processor.
How does Hand Processing work?
  1. I personally remove the true black and white film from the canister.
  2. I carefully roll it onto a film reel.
  3. I process the film in temperature-controlled photographic chemistry by manually agitating the tank or tray (I use a tray when developing larger sheet film). The developers I use depend on each film’s requirements. I mainly use Ilford ID-11 developer, but choose unique developers for exotic films.
  4. I then wash the film extensively to remove any remaining chemicals and prolong its storage life.

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