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Old Negs, Slides & Pics

Old Negs, Slides & Pics

With digital cameras and camera phones so easily available and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we snap and share like never before. But what about all that came before: your only photograph of your great grandmother, the slides from your parents’ wedding, boxes of dusty negatives from your year off from varsity?

These moments from your past can live again … digitally!

We know that a lifetime of photographs add up, so we offer a few options to cater for different budgets.


We scan slides, large & medium format negatives, 35 mm negatives and photographs, and burn the scans to CD or DVD for you. You can also bring in your own portable media device to avoid the cost of a CD or DVD.

If dust has crept in during the scanning process, we will automatically clean/retouch the dust spots in our scans. If the original negative or artwork was marked or scratched when we received it, we can retouch the scan for you at an additional cost.


We can also scan and then print your old negatives, slides or photographs. But please remember, the quality of the original affects the quality of the print. If you’d like the scans retouched before printing, we can do that to!


We offer retouching and restoration at an hourly rate; feel free to email us for more information or a quote.

Turnaround time:

2-3 working days depending on the volume.

Scanning and printing of negatives:

Resolution When opened in Photoshop: Print Size
Scan’s File Size Scan’s DPI
High res. 14 MB 72 dpi 8×12 (A4)


Most negatives (35 mm and larger) can be scanned to A0, however 110 negatives and microfilm can only be scanned to A5, due to the size of the film.


Scans from: File Size Longest Side Scanner
35 mm negatives Up to 550 MB 1200 mm Imacon FlexTight
110 negatives Up to 15 MB 200 mm Imacon FlexTight
120 negatives Up to 550 MB 1200 mm Imacon FlexTight
4×5 negatives Up to 550 MB 1200 mm Imacon FlexTight
8×10 negatives Up to 550 MB 1200 mm Epson Flatbed
Panoramic negatives Up to 150 MB 1500 mm Epson Flatbed
Artwork/Photos Up to 550 MB 1500 mm Epson Flatbed


  • The largest original artwork/photo we can scan on the flatbed scanner is about 800 mm wide and about 1400 mm in height.
  • We have 35 mm, 6×6”, 6×7” and 4×5” negative masks, which can be modified to scan odd size negs.

Frontier Scans:

We also scan 35mm and 120mm negatives and mounted slides on our Frontier scanners :

Resolution When opened in Photoshop: Print Size
Scan’s File Size Scan’s DPI
High res. 14 MB 72 dpi 8×12 (A4)


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Q&A with Marlon Abrahams
- Lab Manager

Can you accurately scan a cross-processed negative?

We get as close as we can by making a small print or scan on our Frontier machine to get a colour reference. We then match our scan to this print for the most accurate results.

What resolution do you scan at?

Images are scanned at size at 600 dpi.

What file format do you supply the scans in?

Our Flatbed scans are output as TIFF files, and our film scans are JPGS.

Do you offer bulk scanning?

Absolutely, let us take it off your hands!

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