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Ranging from practical to pretty, postcards are an easy way to stay in touch, and we’re not just talking about holidays!

Now you can make your own using pics from your camera phone, Instagram or digital photos! Create a save-the-date design for an upcoming celebration; compile a collection of photos your best friend will love. Got a business? How about designing postcards as promotional material? Simply design your postcards in our easy-to-use software, and we’ll print your images on individual cards and bind the cards into a book, ready for you to tear out and use.

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For more details on how it works, view the Q&A tab below. Feeling a little daunted by the idea of designing something on your own? Don’t worry, make an appointment with one of our designers (call: 021 469 1978) and we’ll help you make your ideas or branding come to life.

Turnaround time:

7 – 10 working days

Postcards paper:  Premium Coated (NEO STAR MATT) 350gsm. Binding: Glued and bound with black bookbinding tape.


  • 85 x 85 mm
  • 130 x 130 mm

Portrait or landscape:

  • 145 x 105 mm
Quantity Discount applies to multiple copies of the same design




Q&A with Shalane Polley
- Online Photobook Orders

Extensive photographic retail experience makes Shalane the ideal person to handle our online orders … with the bonus of a creative eye and in-depth Photo book software knowledge.
How does it work?

You can design your own postcards in our easy-to-use software. Don’t worry if the idea of compiling your own postcard book feels a little overwhelming, one of our designers can do it for you; simply:

  1. Choose the size of your postcard book.
  2. Provide us with 40 images – if you choose one of the square formats, you will need to provide us with square images.
  3. Choose a cover image.
  4. Choose a short caption for the cover.
  5. We’ll print and bind your postcard booklet.

*Please note that a design fee will be charged if we design your booklet for you.

How does the binding work?

We glue the edges of the postcards together and fasten them in a pack with bookbinding tape. In this way they’re easy to tear out when you need one.

Do I have to use different images in my postcard book?

It’s entirely up to you! If your personalised postcard book is an extra-special gift, different images can be fun. If you’re creating one for more practical reasons (like a save-the-date notification) you’ll use one design or image.

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