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As a business, we understand that networking and making sure your business is visible, is an essential part of your success.

We all love to stare at that big, beautiful poster when waiting at the lift, standing in a queue at your favourite show or sitting down in a waiting room. Increase your visibility with our poster solutions for big and small runs.

Our posters are printed on a 170 gsm Premium Matt paper and printed on one side only.

Make use of our free, easy-to-use desktop designer software to put together your brochures or make an appointment with one of our skilled, on-site designers if you are short on time.

Turnaround time:

7 – 10 working days

All of our Poster printing prices can be accessed via the pricing tab below.

Posters available on:
  • 170 gsm Premium Coated Matt Paper
Posters available in:
  • A3
  • A4


Quantity Discount applies to multiple copies of the same design:


Q&A with Huan Parsons
- Print Press Operator

Specializing in Digital Print, Huan has a keen eye for print imposition, colour and quality. Experience with multiple, digital print presses and a variety of print applications has built a thorough understanding of both print and pre-press processes.
In what format do I supply my Posters?

You can either submit your design online through our free design software or submit them offline via email or in the store.

Offline orders are to be supplied at the size required, e.g. 297x420mm, with a 3mm bleed all round – this is the safe area that will be cut off.

Please save your file as a single page combined PDF document.

Any tips on Poster design?
  • Make the headline easy to read from a distance.
  • Go big, bold and play with text and contrast to grab attention.
  • Where are you? Use local elements in your design to create a connection with your audience.
  • Have fun. Posters don’t always need to be serious. Sculpt your ideas and capture the public’s attention.
Do I receive any discount if I order over a certain amount of posters?

Yes, you do! The more you order, the bigger the discount. Here are the options.

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