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Retouching & Restoration

Retouching & Restoration

From simple image enhancement to careful restoration, our skilled team can bring out the best in every photograph, as well as restore old prints to their former glory.

Photo Retouching:

Photo retouching is an excellent way to get the most out of an image. We offer a variety of photo retouching techniques and services to help you to enhance your photographs and artwork.

Photo Restoration:

We all have photographs that we treasure, family portraits passed down from generation to generation or historic photographs of a time or place that is important to us. Often, these photographs are damaged, whether faded, torn or simply old. The good news is; our team specialises in removing scratches, dust, cracks, tears and colour casts to restore your photographs to their former glory.


Turnaround time:

2 – 3 working days

We offer these retouching services:

  • Removing dust spots
  • Removing scratches
  • Removing cracks and tears
  • Cropping and resizing
  • Skin & facial enhancement
  • Colour correction
  • Combining images
  • Panoramic stitching
  • Extending backgrounds
  • Improving image density
  • Lens defect removal
  • Deep etching
  • Restoration

R350 per hour.

Q&A with Lauren Smit
- Fine Art Printing Specialist

An authority on fine art printing, Lauren is an expert in archival fine art paper selection and skilled in retouching.
How does photo restoration work?
  1. I scan your original photograph at the size you’ve chosen for your reproduced image.
  2. I restore/retouch the newly scanned digital version of your original photograph as requested or advised.
  3. The newly restored version of the image is then printed onto the paper of your choice and the digital version is copied onto CD or flash drive for you.
What is a colour cast?

It’s a tint of a particular colour that discolours the photograph – like photographs from the 70s that look yellow or pink.

Will my original photograph be altered in any way?

No, I simply scan the original and return it to you with the utmost care.

What is Digital Retouching and Enhancing?

Digital Retouching and Enhancing is a process in which a digital image, made from a scanned photograph, is altered to meet your approval. Generally it means the removal of image flaws (dust, scratches and blemishes) or the addition of colour to a photo.

What is Digital Manipulation?

Digital Manipulation is similar to Digital Retouching and Enhancing in that it is a process by which a digital image made from a scanned photograph is altered to meet your approval. It is different however, in that it is a higher level of alteration. Manipulation includes such changes as removal of objects and people and the addition of missing imagery.

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