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Student Services

Student Services

We understand that top marks require top quality; something you can always count on at Orms. We also know just how stressful putting together your exhibition can be, especially with an ever-looming deadline.

We have years of experience working with creative schools like Michaelis, Red & Yellow, Vega, the Cape Town School of Photography and a host of others. We also enjoy close working relationships with many key lecturers – a valuable source of professional feedback that helps us achieve the best possible results for you.

To ensure that you get exactly what you need, our team will provide clear guidelines and honest timelines regarding the completion of your work, and we always make sure that our commitments are met, without exception.

Planning tip:
It might seem obvious, but to ensure you receive your work on time, make sure you schedule to collect your work a few days prior to your exhibition. In fact, build in as much time as possible.

Turnaround time:

To ensure you receive your work on time and as expected, schedule to collect your work a few days before your exhibition.

Portfolio & Photo book Guidelines, Templates & Price list:

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What we offer students:

  • Professional large-format photographic and inkjet printing
  • Standard window mounting
  • Window mounting without backing
  • Plexi mounting
  • A4 printing
  • Small-format digital printing on art paper
  • Other paper
  • Portfolio books
  • Framing

Remember, your Student Card must be presented when your order is placed.


Please ensure to present your Student Card in order to qualify for Student Prices.

Q&A with Printroom
- Student Services

How much time do I need to print a portfolio book?

10 working days.

Can I do test prints of my artwork?

We advise you to, so that you can check the quality of your image(s) at print size on the substrate you have chosen. We can run test prints for giclée, C-type/LightJet and décor printing, as well as a one-page test of your portfolio book.

What colour profile do I need to supply my artwork in?
  • Adobe RBG for giclée and C-type/LightJet printing.
  • sRGB for décor printing.
What file format should I save my work as?

We can work with TIFF, PDF and JPEG formats.

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