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3. How long will it take to frame my picture?

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Custom framing generally takes 5-7 working days throughout the year and can see an extension to 10 working days in peak season from October to January. Should your product be finished earlier, you will receive a notification to let you know that it has been completed.

It is advisable to plan ahead and be mindful of the amount of time required for completion to avoid disappointment. In case of urgencies, an express fee can be allocated to ensure completion on specific dates and within deadline – where possible.

Our team work on a dynamic production schedule that adapts to the incoming workload. Our consultants are always aware of the next available “day out” of the factory for your completed works.

Because we rely on so many variables within the custom framing spectrum, it is possible to run into small delays whilst sourcing materials for your build. We can only ask for your patience within these periods – please rest assured that we always do our absolute best to complete work as soon as possible.