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Framing Consultants 021 469 1985 7 - 10 working days

When requesting Archival Framing, our team can adjust 5 different segments of your frame

1 | Mounting

We stock a wide range of museum grade mount boards from Bainbridge, Crescent and Premiere.

These boards adhere to the strictest standards of archival framing and will not damage your artwork over time.

There are several methods of mounting your image archivally - including standard archival mount boards all the way through to Dibond® and Diasec®.

Our team of consultants can advise on the most suitable method to protect your specific artwork or object.

2| Backing Board

Archival foamcore or a combination of archival mount board and a plastic composite material such as m-foam can be used to seal the back of the frame, therefore preventing any contact of non-archival materials with the artwork.

3 | Build-Up

The build-up, otherwise known as spacers, between the glazing and the artwork, should also be made out of archival materials - especially if making contact with the artwork.

4 | Waterproofing

It is important to see to it that your frame is entirely waterproof to ensure that no outside moisture can make its way into the frame and damage the artwork.

We employ a combination of methods to ensure the sealing of your frame. Please be sure to request this when ordering.

5 | Museum Glazing

We stock three different types of premium museum glazing options.

  • Gallery Plexi UV100
  • Museum UV99
  • Anti-Reflective Museum AR99

Gallery Plexi

Great for use on large works that require both UV protection. It is also ideal for works that need to be shipped both nationally and internationally. Plexiglass is lighter in weight than normal Clear Glass and can withstand movement and bending without any breakage.

  • MAX SIZE: 2000 x 3000 mm

Museum Glass

Perfect for small to medium works that require UV protection. The UV protection cancels out up to 99% of harmful UV rays that can discolor and damage your artwork or memorabilia through the years.

  • MAX SIZE: 1200 x 1600mm

Anti-Reflective Museum Glass

Our top-of-the-range option. The Anti-Reflective property reduces visible glass reflections for a “pure-view” experience in addition to providing both UV and splinter protection.

  • MAX SIZE: 1200 x 1600mm